Projects management

  Our Group manages projects in construction that guarantees:

  • targeted use of investments;
  • successful completion of the project at the appointed time, in full accordance with the norms of construction duration;
  • Clear project inscription in the budgetary framework.

Project management will help to calculate the possible risks and competently carry out the construction of the facility, as well as timely put it into operation.

The companies of the Group have the following licenses:

  • Designing  license of the third category  GSL №07605 from 07/10/2003
  • Design, manufacturing, installation, repair of power, explosion-proof electrical equipment, lifting structures, boilers and equipment operating under pressure -GSL №0004350 dated 10/07/2011
  • Exploratory activity - GSL №07605 of 07.10.2003.
  • Construction license of the 1st category GSL №15005931 from 31/03/2015.
  • Construction license of the 2nd category  GSL №000104-2 dated 05/03/2016.