Implemention of projects on turn-key basis and constructional-installation works

  Our specialists carry out a full range of services in the design, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment and systems.

You will be able to concentrate on solving your current production tasks, and you will entrust all the questions on creating and maintaining your power supply system to specialized specialists.

Complex approach to work, we think through every stage from idea to realization

There is no need to hire several different contractors, one organization is responsible for the design and implementation of the project at all stages.

The experience and professionalism of specialists and engineers guarantees the quality of the work.

We carry out construction and installation works and supervision for technological systems of various complexity, on any objects from administrative buildings and data processing centers to industrial enterprises, indoor and outdoor.

Effective operation of the facility in the future, directly depends on the quality of the construction and installation works.

Performance of preparatory and installation works by experienced specialists

Our staff has the necessary certificates, qualifications and work permits.

Commissioning operations

Specialists of  "Zhasulan-PV" LLP carry out a complex of works on launching, tuning and output of equipment for guaranteed modes of operation.

Construction and installation works

Construction and installation works represent a full complex of all possible measures, carried out during the erection, major overhaul and reconstruction of the building. The quality of the work carried out depends on many factors, such as the choice of the construction company, the competent organization of the work process, the observance of the correct sequence of work.

Competent organization of construction works allows you to avoid unpleasant situations, possible shortcomings, which can lead to unnecessary corrections of work already done. For this purpose, before the beginning of construction, a project for the production of works is being developed.

The company "Zhasulan-PV" LLP offers its services in construction and installation works of any complexity. All our solutions are carefully thought out, calculated, worked out with the modern standards and the latest innovations. Our specialists have extensive experience working with various objects.

Our scope of functions

By combining the experience of project management managers and the high engineering and technical potential of our employees, we provide a full range of services for the implementation of "on turnkey basis" complex technological projects.

  • Development of technical conditions (tasks) and selection of equipment. 
  • Placing orders for the manufacture of equipment and control over production and delivery.
  • Installation of process equipment and commissioningworks.
  • Construction of load-bearing and enclosing constructions of buildings and structures.


  • Well infrastructure development;
  • Arrangementofgrounds;
  • Excavation of pit for foundations;
  • Constructionofhothouses;
  • Concreteproduction;
  • Pouringoffoundations.

Construction of roads and railways, including overhaul and reconstruction:

  • Bases and coverings, protective structures and arrangement of highways;
  • Bases and covers of the runways of airfields and helipads;
  • Arrangement of pavingstones

Special construction and installation works on laying of linear structures for oil and gas pipelines, reservoirs and power transmission lines with voltage 35 kV, 110 kV and higher:

  • Technological pipelines from non-ferrous metals, polymeric materials and glass;
  • All-republic and international communication lines and telecommunications;
  • Backbone transmission lines with voltage up to 35 kV and up to 110 kV and higher;
  • Steel tanks (tanks), including those working under pressure, or designed to store explosive and other dangerous (harmful) liquid or gaseous substances;
  • Field and main networks of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, as well as trunk networks of oil product pipelines.

Construction of engineering networks and systems, including overhaul and reconstruction:

  • Automationoftechnologicalprocesses;
  •  Trunk oil pipelines, oil products pipelines, gas pipelines
  • Internal systems of low-current devices (telephony, fire and burglar alarm), external networks;
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and gasification systems;
  •  Water supply and sewerage systems.